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Pray & give!

Help for eastern Ukraine

Our team members in Ukraine need your support.
• For the needy residents of the areas in crisis in eastern Ukraine
• For the refugees, who are forced to do without so many things
• For our missionaries, who are involved in directly aiding the needy

Ukraine Kirche

For more information on Ukraine click here and see the Worldwiev.

Your donation gets where you intend it to go

…exactly where you intend it to go. Your gift will be directly passed on to the missionary. Our work is recognized in Germany by the Ministry of Finance (Finanzamt) for tax-deductible status. We will automatically send you a donation receipt statement in the first few weeks of the following year. You may use this document in communicating with the Finanzamt.

Certificate of Donation Integrity

We handle all donations carefully and professionally. This means that we hold ourselves to the donation regulations of the Evangelical Alliance. Their rules specify, among other things, that our year-end balance statement must be calculated by an independent tax or economic analyst. On the basis of these efforts, we have received the Donation Integrity Certificate of the German Evangelical Alliance.

Inheritance Giving

Do you wish to donate through your last will and testament? Use what you have for the Lord’s work! For additional information, call our German office at 0049 7945 950020 or write us at info@kontaktmission.de