in the future?

A lot is changing at the moment, and that also has an impact on the mission. How do we need to respond as an organization and as a church? The shipment order still exists. Even if circumstances are constantly changing, we should always reconsider how we can participate. God continues to build His kingdom worldwide, even more than ever. He works in a wondrous way. Thank God!

We work with the body of Christ, not just a denomination. We are not alone. We are part of a greater whole. We need others! We continuously learn from others. God’s kingdom is not built through competition, but through cooperation, communication and perseverance.



The call to follow Jesus is a relationship call. relationship to God and relationship to man.
Raphael Oettinger, missionary in Norway
Long gone are the days when everyone “cooks their own soup”. The works exchange ideas, work together, complement each other.
Andreas Becker, head Base Team, deputy managing director

partner well.
concretely lived.

This is what it looks like at various locations for our coworkers.

move something!
A large team of Germans, Romanians and Moldovans

This year, for the eleventh time, we went to Romania (Olanesti) and Moldova (Pohrebeni) for one week each with 22 young adults and four fully loaded cars. There we organized children’s programs and a youth evening with the local employees in six different villages. It’s nice to see that we can encourage the employees in Romania and Moldova and lay a foundation on which they can build.

Vasile and Birgit Chiciudean-Bubeck, Regional Managers Romania

from now on.
A lot is easier with a partner.
Jesus together!
And the miracle happens.

Together we work together in the fields, harvest strawberries, plant new fields and in the midst of all this we started a church two years ago. Living, working and community building close together is not always easy. You challenge each other and sometimes offend, but we are always encouraged to stick with it: stick with the individualrelationships and keep going to follow Jesus with all your heart. And that’s where the miracle happens. Hearts connect and God’s presence is tangibly released. Jesus became one of us so that we can follow him together.

Raphael Oettinger, municipal building and agriculturalproject in Norway



partner well.
It takes you and me!

The core value of “partner well” runs like a red thread through the history of Kontaktmission. 10 years ago Kontaktmission achieved it like this:

In partnership – we work together with partners worldwide to implement our vision sustainably.

Church oriented – we work with the sending church as well as with the church on the mission field.”


Today, 2022, we put it this way:

Partner well – we work with the body of Christ, not just one denomination. We are not alone. We are part of a greater whole. We need others! We continuously learn from others. God’s kingdom is not built through competition, but through cooperation, communication and perseverance. ”


At its core, it is about people getting to know Jesus as their Savior. Christians agree on that. Christianity is as colorful as the autumn leaves these days. There are countless different works, organizations and denominations. The AEM alone (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Evangelikaler Missionen e.V.), to which Kontaktmission belongs, has more than 90 mission organizations with over 4,000 missionaries. The time when everyone “cooks their own soup” is long gone. The works exchange ideas, work together, complement each other. It is no different on the mission field. The network of organisations, clubs, NGOs, churches and associations is so confusing that one could lose track. But this results in a never-ending multitude of opportunities to work together and partner well to the mission statement together. In the end, it is often obviously God Himself who makes connections, connects hearts, gives ideas and connects people.


If a German association, whose heart beats for mission, reaches the administrative limits of its possibilities, we can integrate it into our network and take on administrative tasks. If a local missionary needs an NGO to work effectively, we can find a suitable NGO or start one ourselves. If a missionary would like to start an association himself in order to be able to work even more effectively, we can release him to do so. Of course we don’t do this all the time. But we examine and pray. And if there is a good opportunity to stay tuned together, we use it; because it is about people getting to know Jesus as their Savior.


When we partner well, it’s like a rope team, in order to enable our employees to live called, we use tried and tested “rope teams” again and again or form new ones. God himself assigns everyone their place in the rope team. At first glance, of course, the “active players” are needed: missionaries, prayers and donors, the sending church, mission organizations, network partners. The sending church has a particularly important role to play in this. Already at the time of the first apostles she put the missionary commission into practice. What does this partner well between the church and the missionaries look like?


I asked Michael Haberstroh from the EfG Eichstetten, who, as a mission officer, is particularly concerned about partner well.

As a mission leader, what motivates you to stay active with the missionaries?

We have the best message in the world. But we have a small sphere of activity as a church. But our concern is to participate in worldwide evangelism!

What does partner well look like?

It thrives on regular communication. Write e-mails, call, send parcels, small acts of kindness or even better: a visit to the mission field. This is of course a special highlight for the missionary. The missionary’s contribution is to share personally, to say what he enjoys, what he suffers from, what moves him. This is important to the church. In this way we can share joy and sorrow with one another and stand up for one another.


At second glance, in addition to the “active players”, it also needs those who make such a rope team possible in the first place. People who, figuratively speaking, make the ropes, mark the paths and tan shoe leather. It takes people who create the hiking maps, who sell cucumbers for snacks and who planted the grain for baking the bread on the summit. None is more or less important. In order for Jesus’ followers to go “into all the world,” many different members are needed. The closer we look, the more we realize that in the end each of us is needed. No matter where we are, how we use our gifts to bring glory to God and pursue our profession and calling.


In the end, it takes you and me to partner well – even if we are sometimes not even aware of it!


Andreas Becker

Head Base Team, deputy managing director

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