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We have more than 370 missionaries in over 55 countries around the world, such as South Africa, Zambia, Liberia, Thailand, Mongolia and many more. Below you will also find very specific applications. If you are a pioneer, adventurous and very flexible, then come to us!

  • Bolivia
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Latvia
  • Liberia
  • Lithuania
  • Peru
  • Romania
  • Slowenia
  • Uruguay

Bolivia is the poorest country in South America and has around 10 million inhabitants. The country is very traditional and is home to various Indian tribes. Due to the differences in altitude, the climate is very diverse.
The non-profit organization Oeser offers around 20 children who live with their mothers in the city prison better prospects for the future by giving them access to high-quality care, support and schooling in a safe environment. Some mothers apply for further participation in the project for their children even after their release and also use the transport option.
The primary school of the Centro Villa Candelaria is attended by around 125 students between the ages of 6 and 12. Around 30 pupils with special needs receive additional support in the afternoon and 20 more have the opportunity to do their homework under supervision in the library.

  • What will you do? Qualified caretaker jobs, English teachers, math and specialist teachers, pastry chefs or bakers, secretarial work, helpers in youth work.
  • What can you learn? Language, dealing with children, culture, manual work, mission / evangelism methods.
  • How much does it cost? Approx. € 400 per month excluding flight costs.
  • For how long can you come? At least 6 months.
  • What is important to us? Basic knowledge of Spanish, missionary attitude, ability to work in a team and initiative, serenity and flexibility.

For Bible students who want to do their internship or someone who simply wants to get to know another region, another church in Germany, there are many opportunities to work with our missionaries. There are many different church planting projects all over Germany, a missionary coffee in Dresden, refugee work and much more.

  • What will you do? Participation in the church in the field of child and youth work, participation in church planting, practical activities, implementation of your own ideas, preaching service, technology and much more.
  • How much does it cost? Approx. € 200-300
  • For how long can you come? At least 1 month
  • What is important to us? You should have a basic knowledge of German, a missionary attitude and be happy to share the Gospel with people. Teamwork and initiative are definitely an advantage, as well as a sense of responsibility and commitment. Open-mindedness towards other people. And a driver's license.

Greece is very popular as a holiday destination with its landscape, about 300 days of sunshine per year, its historical background and its sights. Living here can be a great challenge, however, as culture and mentality are very different from that of Western Europe, even if the people here are open to new things, very sociable and helpful.
For more than a decade, Greece has been affected by various crises, first the economic crisis, then the ongoing refugee movement and now the global Covid 19 crisis. Of course, this has an impact on the lives of the individual citizens of the country, the problems often seem insurmountable and the quality of life is severely limited.

  • What are you going to do? The possibility of working in Thessaloniki is strongly based on the talents and abilities of the applicant. Examples of possible collaboration: in the Teen Circle, Praise, Day Centre for Refugees, various assignments, practical tasks.
  • How much is it? Ca . 450 € / month
  • How long can you come for? At least 1 month
  • What is important to us? Willingness to acquire the basic knowledge of the language, knowledge of English is an advantage, a missionary attitude, teamwork and self-initiative.

Latvia has been a member of the EU since 2004. The Evangelical Lutheran Church has the most members. But the charismatic congregations are also strongly represented. There is freedom of belief and there are many churches and congregations in the big cities.
“Ganchauskas” is a Christian recreation centre located 70 km from Riga, right in the nature reserve on the river “Gajau”, which, with its many caves, is one of the most beautiful places in Latvia. “Ganchauskas” is located in a clearing in a forest, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Furthermore, Ganchauskas offers people some leisure activities, such as horseback riding, climbing wall, arrow and bow etc. The leisure centre consists of 4 buildings, 8 cottages and an area of about 100 hectares.

  • What are you going to do? Practical work, leisure work, spiritual repentance of the summer helpers, church work, work corresponding to the gifts on the area.
  • How much is it? Ca . 100 €
  • How long can you come for? Individual
  • What is important to us? You should have basic knowledge of English, Latvian or Russian and a missionary attitude.

Liberia is a very interesting country. One of the oldest states in Africa, with strong influence from America, well developed and relatively prosperous until about 30 years ago, then completely destroyed by civil war. The majority of the population profess Christianity, but it is not alive: Corruption, deceit, envy, violence, sexual sin and idolatry (yes, many Liberians actually worship various other gods!) are ubiquitous.
The Youth With A Mission team is working with Liberians to build the City of Hope mission station outside the capital Monrovia. It is used as a center of formation and formation, but also as a place where the Word of God is lived.
Proclamation of the Gospel happens These include children’s and youth programmes, sports (football, volleyball) and cooperation with local churches and schools. Due to its quiet location and proximity to the beach, YWAM City of Hope also offers an opportunity to stop and contemplation.

  • What are you going to do? It depends very much on your abilities. Children’s programs and sports are always an option. The surrounding churches are also always happy when a foreign missionary takes over the preaching. If you are a passionate gardener, come in the rainy season, there is plenty of room for various crops. If you prefer to build buildings, come in the dry season, because we have some construction projects planned.
  • How much is it? Cost & Logis per month: US$ 150. However, we also recommend a generous allowance of another $150, e. g. for internet, swimming pool, trips to the city and the opportunity to cook for yourself from time to time.
  • How long can you come for? We’re flexible.
  • What is important to us? Liberia is not an easy country, volunteers should be physically fit as well as have some spiritual maturity. The willingness to engage in a foreign culture is important. It doesn’t hurt to take initiative either. Craftsmanship and creativity are not prerequisites, but could be a great blessing for us.

Lithuania is the southernmost of the three Baltic countries. Since the fall of the Wall in 1990, the population (3. 4 million) has become more and more open to Western influence. Lithuania has been a member of the EU since 2004. Lithuanians are enthusiastic basketball fans. Most Lithuanians have a high opinion of Germans. Lithuanians love to be together – especially the younger generation. Most are nominally Catholic. The proportion of Evangelical Christians is 0. 3%. That is why there is a great need for Christian literature, discipleship and church building. Most municipalities are not older than 20 years. This first generation of Christians must be led, shaped and mobilized.

  • What are you going to do? Distance learning in the subject German of the missionary children, help with the preparation and implementation of evangelistic events, help with the Evangelistic Circle of Young Adults, help with parish events. The short-term work is done on a gift basis, which is worked out in advance together with the missionary on the spot.
  • How much is it? Ca . 300 € plus language lessons
  • How long can you come for? At least 6 months up to one year
  • What is important to us? Missionary attitude, willingness to learn the language, driving license.

Alcanzando la Mano – a helping hand. Helping disadvantaged children is our motto at ALMA, a Christian organisation in the Peruvian Andes. There are many such disadvantaged children in the highlands: impoverished, neglected or abandoned entirely by their parents. We help them with schooling, try to improve their living conditions at home or help their parents find a suitable job. In addition, we have a children’s home, which should offer children without parents a new home.

  • What are you going to do? Care of children from getting up to bed, support with homework, support with their daily housework, organisation and implementation of leisure activities, accompaniment of children to school and other appointments (doctors' visits, therapy, children’s clubs)
  • How much is it? Ca . 400 € per month
  • How long can you come for? At least 1 month
  • What is important to us? Knowledge of Spanish

Romania has a population of 21. 5 million. Ca . 86% of Romanians belong to the Romanian Orthodox Church.
The people of Romania do not earn much and often have to struggle to survive. Many young people go abroad because they have hardly any prospects in their own country.
We have missionaries in several places in the country and would like to introduce you to three possible locations:


The children’s home Mana is located in Timisoara in western Romania. It consists of a girls' and a boys' house. The home is run by a German family.

  • What are you going to do? Work in the practical area as well as in the care of the children.
  • How much is it? Ca . 250 €
  • What is important to us? Knowledge of Romanian is very beneficial.


The torchbearer centre is located in the middle of the Carpathians in beautiful nature. It offers tent camps for up to 120 children, mountain bike and outdoor camps in summer, skiing in winter and Bible schools in spring and autumn. In between, all sorts of trainings and community recreational activities are offered. The torch bearers staff are a very international team. The families come from Romania, Canada and Germany. This allows you to practice and continue your training in all three languages.

  • What are you going to do? In the practical area on the construction site, in the landscaping and maintenance of the centre, in the house and kitchen team, in the care of missionary children, in the possibility to participate in a group of boys or in leisure activities.
  • How much is it? Ca . 250 €
  • How long can you come for? 1- 12 months
  • What is important to us? Missionary attitude, teamwork and initiative, sense of responsibility and commitment.


The work takes place among the Roma minority who live on the poverty line. They earn their living by collecting woodcuts, scrap iron and PET bottles.
Employees of Kontaktmission founded an evangelical congregation in Olanesti. It now consists of 20 members. The work is characterized by evangelistic work, various conferences, retreats and seminars.

  • What are you going to do? Help with work among children and young people as well as practical work, and homework supervision.
  • How much is it? Ca . 250 €
  • How long can you come for? 3 – 12 months
  • What is important to us? Knowledge of Romanian and driving license would be beneficial, but not a condition, English skills, missionary attitude, teamwork and initiative, responsibility and commitment.

Slovenia has 2 million inhabitants and is about the size of Hesse or Saxony-Anhalt. Despite the “Small” of the country, it has a great diversity to offer in terms of its nature, but also in terms of the nature of the people. Slovenia has three different climatic zones and there are 38 different Slovenian dialects.
Despite this diversity and fantastic beauty, Slovenia has one of the highest suicide rates in Europe, one of the highest abortion rates, and many people are looking for meaning. The work in the community in Kamnik offers insights into the founding of a congregation with very flexible facilities and into different fields of work: church services, sports, alpine hiking, children’s club, etc.

  • What are you going to do? Making friends with young people on the spot, making friends with former drug addicts, meeting children in the forest – discovering nature and God’s creation. Collaboration in the community.
  • How much is it? Ca . 300 €
  • How long can you come for? At least 1 month
  • What is important to us? You should speak English and have a curiosity and openness to a different culture and people.

Welcome to Uruguay – Bienvenido en Uruguay!

Uruguay is a small, quiet, football-loving country and at the same time the most European country in the warm South America with just 3. 5 million inhabitants.
1. 5 hours drive from its capital Montevideo is the quiet village of Montes with its almost 2000 inhabitants. In 2017, the Epp family (Werner & Olga with their 3 children) settled here to found and build up a community. They are supported by Merve Doorentz-Hundsdoerffer.
Together as missionaries, they form the leadership team, which has often been strengthened by volunteers.

We invite you to accompany us on the exciting journey of reaching out to more closed Uruguayans in an atheistic and above all esoteric-occult society for the Gospel! For this, God needs voluntary, inexperienced people like you and me, who place themselves at His disposal with their gifts and talents! An adventure with your Creator awaits you, where there are no limits to the possibilities to engage in trusting and building on God!

On the one hand, the quite varied and flexible everyday life revolves around shaping the upcoming community actions (see below) as well as maintaining relationships (house visits, discipleship program, etc. ). Relationship building is a very important task. Experience has shown that people are quite closed to strangers. Thus it has proved to be effective to build up familiar relationships in order to lead people to the faith and to accompany them in the growth of faith. . .
On the other hand, however, it is also about performing practical activities (mowing lawns, handicraft tasks, etc. ).
Your personal service then results from your talents and the tasks ahead.

You will have the opportunity to use, develop and discover your talents in a completely new environment in the most creative way! Besides, you will get to know Uruguay with its rather relaxed people, the world-class beef and the delicious mate tea!

  • What can you learn?
    - Language Spanish
    - Dealing with people (big & small)
    - Craft activities
    - Culture
    - Missionary & Evangelization Methods
    - Independent working & working in a team
  • How much does it cost per month?
    Ca . 600 € without flight costs
  • How long can you come for?
    At least 3 months
  • What is important to us?
    Basic knowledge of Spanish. Furthermore, you should have a missionary attitude and be happy to share the Gospel with people. Teamwork and initiative are definitely beneficial, as well as a certain calmness and flexibility.

Nothing for you?

Then just contact us and we will see if we can find a place for your calling together.