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You want to send out a missionary? You're looking for an agency that will take good care of your missionary, equipping and accompanying him or her?

  • We will help your missionary to find a place that fits his or her calling.
  • We'll provide the qualifications for his or her ministry, take care of him or her ON LOCATION and help him or her to grow.
  • We will handle all administrative roles such as donation processing, salary, social taxes and health insurance, and more. We are always up to date with the latest developments, and we'll support your missionary with all our resources.
  • We'll be glad to work with you to provide a sending-out service for your missionary.

There are many ways your church can be a “missionary church.”

  • Maybe you want to be a classic missionary sending church, praying and accompanying your missionary, including financial support.
  • Or maybe you do not currently have a missionary and you would like to be involved in a different way, such as by sponsoring a young church.

We'll support you and go with you in your path to becoming a missionary church, no matter how that may look.