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Tobias and Elizabeth Kley

  • Preaching: A big portion of the year is spend on travelling to share the gospel of JESUS CHRIST, speak at youth retreats or preach and teach at churches.
  • CallingDays help young people find their vocation..
  • GetAwayDays: I lead a ministry with innercity kids and minor age refugees. We take groups with these kind of kids up to the mountains and spend a whole week there with them. Lots of lives are changed and many of them get to know JESUS personally through intense fellowship, very challenging activities and the Word of GOD!
  • Living called means for us...
  • We are moved by...

…investing ourselves in other people! Christians need to be encouraged and challenged to live each day as if it were their last day on earth. Non-Christians should be convinced by our everyday lives, various programs and activities and the proclamation of the good news of the greatness and glory of JESUS CHRIST, so that they may come to know that HE alone is the way, the truth and the life.

…our mission to proclaim JESUS CHRIST as the present LORD through Bible teaching, fellowship and practical work. In this way we want to prepare people for service in GOD'S worldwide church.