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Help for eastern Ukraine

The celebration for the 20-year anniversary of Kontaktmission in Ukraine and for the Kremenchug Bible College was unfortunately somewhat spoiled by the developments in eastern Ukraine and by concern the war may spread.

Ukraine Kirche

Kremenchug lies only 430 driving kilometers west of Donetsk and only 560 km west of Lugansk. These are the two cities that have been constantly in the media.

The Ukrainian Baptist Union has reported that many evangelical churches in east Ukraine have become victims of the conflict. Representatives of the Russian separatists entered many churches to examine them for signs of cooperation with the Ukraine government. Some pastors were quickly declared to be American spies. In some areas, the antagonism toward the evangelical churches led to the utterly illegal take-over of buildings and belongings of several churches of the Baptist Union and other evangelical churches, carried out by unknown uniformed personnel. For example, the buildings of the Christian university of Donetsk and churches in the cities of Lugansk, Donetsk, and Krasny Lutsch were taken over. Other church builidngs in the cities of Lisichansk, Pervomaisk, and Ilowaisk were damaged or destroyed.

Missionaries of Kontaktmission have reported that many churches outside the crisis region have taken on refugees from eastern Ukraine. The Bible college in Kremenchug became a refuge for Christians who had to flee the affected areas. The churches and Christian institutions face the huge challenge of caring for the refugees, who frequently have no money, and of giving them a heated shelter for the winter. You can directly aid in the care of the refugees and the needy in the crisis region with a donation to Kontaktmission for the purpose of “Hilfe for Ostukraine” (Help for East Ukraine). Donations received will be forwarded to the Bible college in Kremenchug.

The entire country and the people need our prayers and support in this difficult time of crisis. Please pray, and please support them!