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Jonathan and Stefanie Borau

Our concern is to plant in people's hearts a longing for the living God.

“If you seek me with all your heart, then you will find me” Jeremiah 29:13

We pursue three goals:

  • Evangelization: To engage personally in peoples live to talk about christian faith. Steffi focuses on children and teenagers and Jonathan focuses on adults. For this we have developed an evangelistic site and helpful evangelistic products.
    Website glauben-teilen
  • Discipleship: We accompany interested people in following Jesus, e.g. by reading the Bible together or visiting a church or cell groupe.
  • Multiplication: We motivate and train Christians to share their faith in their own individual way. Creative ideas, inspiration and material can be found on our website.
    Website gott-suchen

  • Living called means for us...
  • We are moved by...

… that we put into action what God has placed in our heart, dare to leap into the cold water and hear his voice, trust and follow Him. Walking with God and sometimes looking back, we realise how God has led situations and blessed me. We do not want to miss this life anymore.

…. lot of people in Germany are searching God and just waiting to be approached to share our the faith. Daniel (20) told us, for example “You were the first and only one who ever approached me in Germany to talk with me about God […] Now I'm a missionary in Australia”. God is so good.