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Denis Krautter

My tasks at the Kontaktmission are quite various. On the one hand I coordinate the short-term assignments of mostly young people who want to get a first impression of mission, on the other hand, I am occasionally on the road with construction projects to support our missionaries in their ministry.

From time to time I take over sermon services and try to keep things in order with minor renovations and repairs in the home base of the KM.

  • Living called means for us...
  • We are moved by...

…to make our lives entirely available to Jesus Christ. We no longer want to follow our own idea of life, but to go forward trusting that He works in us and through us. We want to accept the challenges that we do not consider possible in the knowledge that everything is possible for Him

….we were able to experience what it means to give Jesus Christ his life completely, not only partially or from time to time, but completely and always. It means gain, relief and liberation. I want to encourage young people to give everything to Him in the exciting expectation of what they will get back: it will be more than they expect and therefore it is worth living for Him.