Be there!


This year again in Wüstenrot: experience and immerse yourself in mission.

Under the theme UNAUFHALTSAM, we are organising a mission weekend that will encourage you and enrich you with exciting encounters and discussions.

Be part of it! We look forward to seeing you!


We are very much looking forward to two exciting days. Of course, you can also just take part in individual elements.

23rd March 2024

15:00 – 19:00: Meeting for mission representatives of the congregations: Share experience, be trained in workshops, have a meal together

Stecknadel personal invitation will follow


20:00 – 21:30: Worship evening

Stecknadel ETG – die Arche, Waldesruh 25, 71543 Wüstenrot

24th March 2024

Stecknadel Burgfriedenhalle, Öhringer Straße 80, 71543 Wüstenrot


10:00 – 12:00: Session 1: Mission service with testimonies, impulses, worship


14:00 – 16:00: Session 2: Diverse insights into global missions


  • Catering: Lunch, coffee and cake
  • Mission exhibition: Missionaries from all over the world present their projects
  • Prayer: Prayer for the missionaries, their projects and you!
  • Programme for kids during the sessions


God does not stop working! Jesus himself said: “At all times my Father is at work, and I only follow his example.” (John 5:17).

God’s love is an inexhaustible source from which love, faithfulness, peace and provision flow.

Juliane Lux
Full of anticipation, she is currently in the middle of preparations.

“For me, unstoppable means: despite all resistance, there is something that is stronger and insurmountable. Something that cannot be stopped by anything or anyone. God’s power is also like this – it works unstoppably in us and in our world. It reigns over everything and is unstoppable.”

Juliane Lux has been working in the accounts department of the base team for 4 years and leads our short-term team. Her heart beats for the outreaches of young people in mission.

Andreas Becker
The big event begins to take shape in his mind.

“For me, unstoppable means above all that God always reaches his goal. No circumstance in this world can stop God from making visible to us humans what he has already seen for a long time: a daily growing flock of worshippers and followers.”

Andreas Becker has been working at Kontaktmission for 10 years. As a base team leader and deputy managing director, he is involved in many areas of the missionary movement.


Here is some more important information. If you still have any questions, we will be happy to answer them. Simply send an email to info@kontaktmission.de or give us a call (07945 3079600).


In the health resort of Wüstenrot and surroundings there are many possibilities to stay overnight from Saturday to Sunday. You can find a few options here:


Pulled pork burgers, Swabian Leberkäswecken, vegetarian Panobake pizzas, coffee, cake…. Delicious!


Missionaries from all over the world report on how they experience an UNSTOPPABLE God. Be inspired by the diversity of God and the many ways in which people find Him.


Mitarbeiter stellen ihre Projekte vor, nehmen Dich mit in ihre Berufung und lassen dich die weltweite Mission schmecken.

Kids programme

During the sessions, the children can experience a colourful programme. After a spiritual input and worship, the children can choose from a variety of workshops to suit them – from creative elements to building activities and a rally, everything is included!

The programme will be aimed at 4-12 year olds and will be offered both from 10am-12pm and from 2pm-4pm. A separate room will be available for parents with babies, where the programme will be broadcasted live.

Mission representatives meeting

On Saturday, the mission representatives of the churches meet, exchange ideas, get to know KM Care and much more. The mission representatives will receive a personal invitation with further information.


Am Sonntag möchten wir den Tag um 10 Uhr mit einem Missions-Gottesdienst in der Burgfriedenhalle starten. Elemente werden darin Zeugnisse und Berichte von Mitarbeitern sein. Der gemeinsame Lobpreis wird auch eine wichtige Rolle im Gottesdienst spielen.

Worship evening

On this special mission worship evening on 23 March at 8 pm in the Arche – ETG Neuhütten, we will worship our UNSTOPPABLE God and sing songs to him. In worship, we will experience that people from different backgrounds and cultures are brothers and sisters!

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