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Live called as a missionary - We'll help you!

  • Calling-Conversation
  • Qualification Course
  • Church
  • Locally
  • Team Retreat

What moves you? Your gifts and abilities, your personality and God's specific instructions make up your calling. By having a personal conversation with you, we can help you best to discover and understand these things, or simply to confirm. How do you live out your calling? We will look at your calling with you, examining together how to best live your calling on the mission field. We'll show you how we prepare you for your ministry, and how we can accompany and support you in it.

“In a calling-conversation we discussed the 'gifts and abilities' test we'd taken. This helped us to confirm and discover more about our personal gifts and abilities.”
Markus and Maria Fritz, Germany

Before sending you out, we prepare you through practical courses, all of which help you to get ready to serve in mission ministry. In your first year of ministry you participate in courses that help you to establish your life in a new cross-cultural environment and to thrive in your new ministry.

“The Qualification Course was a tremendous help for us and good preparation. First, we were able to meet all the team members personally that we now communicate with regularly by email. Then we also got to meet other missionaries-in-training,

and we understood each other so well, like nobody else can. Most of all, the content of the teaching was extremely helpful – all about support-raising, culture shock, international communication – it was all there.”_
Tommy and Mary Jerkovic, Germany

We are convinced that you need a sending church as a basis, a church to stand behind your missionary ministry, supporting you in prayer and perhaps with finances.

We will help you by helping your church to establish a plan for ministering to you as a missionary, including sending you out properly.

Some of the things we can help with:

  • Discussions with church leadership
  • Finding supporters
  • Creating and building mission awareness
  • Selecting mission leadership for the church

“It's very calming to have brothers and sisters back home who are willing to invest time and money in us. This connects us with them, and especially helps us to stand firm and not give up in those times when we must live only by faith and not by sight. We could never recommend going into mission ministry without support of a home church.”
Juergen Thuswohl, Hungary

Jürgen Thuswohl

“It was a great blessing to be sent out in cooperation between our home church and Kontaktmission, because the mission agency is an extension of the arm of the church!”
Marian and Maria Kozak, Lithuania

Marian Kozak

We won't leave you alone on the mission field!

We help you with every concern you're facing. We coach you in strategic and methodological decisions. And we watch with you for ways to bring you along in your service.

“Missionary ministry is full of difficulty and change. Just serving God is difficult enough. You need the help of experienced brothers and sisters. For me, the fellowship with mentors is very important. They can support me, understand what I'm facing, and advise me.

Familie Zakharchuk

They influence and mold me, and I can learn much from them. I value this ministry by these brothers and sisters for both my family and my work. Kontaktmission does everything it can so that missionaries don't have to stand alone with their challenges.”
Sergii & Elena Zakharchuk, Ukraine

“Our regional leader was himself a missionary for many years in a similar situation to ours. He lived there with his family, and can really relate to what we are experiencing. We really enjoy his regular visits, because we don't need to keep anything secret from him or make things look good, but rather just receive empathetic and competent advice.”
Juergen and Anna Thuswohl, Hungary

Ehepaar Thuswohl

Following our annual KM Conference in Wüstenrot, Germany we gather for a retreat. Sharing with other missionaries for four days, training with them, relaxing and re-filling the tank – it's an important milestone of each mission year!

The regular meetings with our KM co-workers give us the opportunity for fellowship with people who share something in common: being members of a mission agency and working on the same team. This is thrilling and encouraging for ministry, because we know that people who know us well and understand us are on the path with us in prayer and ministry.
Stanislav and Natalya Chernyayev, Ukraine