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A Summer with Jesus

A summer that can change a life. After months of lockdown, the camps are something special for many children and young people this year. Hundreds have signed up for camps and get to know a life with Jesus!

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“I am Alin Voia, I am 33 years old and I was born in Iaşi, Romania. I decided to go for Jesus on a children’s recreation. I am convinced that leisure time is a great way to get to know Jesus personally, so I hope it will continue for a long time to come.
I have been living in Germany since 2016 and am responsible employee in the municipality of Wiesenbach. ”

Your donation opens the way for even more leisure time and participants.

Accountant wanted!

Do you have a love for numbers, bookings and accounts? And do you want to serve other people? In the Kontaktmission Base Team, you can build the Kingdom of God with your gifts and abilities. We are looking for you now!
We are looking forward to seeing you: bewerbung@kontaktmission. org

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Kontaktmission is an internationally active, growing missionary movement with more than 350 employees worldwide. As a non-profit association, the contact mission is financed by donations. In order to meet the requirements of donors, employees, authorities and laws in the best possible way, we are constantly developing our financial and donation administration. To support our team in Wüstenrot, we are now looking for an employee in financial accounting.

Media Package

Let’s go!

We want to pack a media package and send it around the world. In this way, we want to offer our employees the opportunity to report on their work well equipped with a camera, a tripod and a microphone.

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We spare the reporter flying around the world and empower our staff with equipment and, where necessary, training to show what God is doing. On the one hand, our employees have great challenges in their service, but on the other hand they have special experiences with God, and that is precisely where we and especially their supporters want to be involved. Mission is a mission to all believers, and we want to help all find in their vocation. Communication through moving images plays a major role in this today, and we want to invest in this.


Book presentation

Through the Iron Certain
Eva Wonka

Eva Lopes de Andrade alias Eva Wonka is a language teacher, author and mother of four children. She is currently serving with her husband as a missionary in Campinas, Brazil. Her work and passion is to encourage and prepare young people for the world mission.

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She has compiled stories to encourage young believers to make a difference in all parts of the world. She wants to draw attention to what God can do through people who dedicate their lives to him.

Called to Albanien

Do you want to work as a German teacher in Albania? Do you have a heart for evangelization and discipleship? Are you pedagogically experienced? Can you take German courses (A1, A2) and speak English well?
Then join our team.

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Burimi i Jetes (Life Spring) is an Albanian/American led church-plant in the city of Elbasan, Albania. Out of a desire to make the church-plant financially sustainable and to reach out into our community, we have started a language center. As many Albanians are seeking to develop marketable job skills, the demand for English and German courses is high. Our center has given us the chance to form relationships with students and parents, and has opened up many opportunities to share the gospel. Currently we are offering English courses, but in-creasingly we have had requests for German classes.

Seeing this open door, we are looking for a native speaking German to join our ministry team. This person would first and foremost be a light for Christ in our neighborhood and church. They must be pas-sionate about evangelism and discipleship, willing to work and serve with humility and generosity. In addition to a heart for ministry, we are looking for someone with some teaching experience to teach introductory (A1, A2) German courses, willing to commit to teach for a school year, running from September to June. They must speak English fluently as well, as it would be the common language of our team.

Then please contact us at info@kontaktmission. de

Follow us!

As Kontaktmission, we want to use social media even more in the future to help people live their calling. That’s why we’re sharing our diverse mission work on Instagram and Facebook.

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Follow us and stay up-to-date. Get even more insight into our global work!
We look forward to your comments. In the digital world, too, we want to take our mission seriously and build a network. A network of Christians who are authorized to work around the world in order to fulfill their mission given by God. We also need you as part of this network!