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Kontaktmission staff take their calling seriously. They fulfill God's mission alone or together with their partners and families.
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Bank accounts

You are also welcome to make a transfer directly. You can find the bank details here. Please always state the employee/project name + project number + your postal address in the intended purpose. You can find the employee/project name and the project number in the donation form under purpose, which can be selected via the scrolldown menu.

Kontaktmission Germany

VR-Bank Heilbronn Schwäbisch Hall
IBAN: DE34 6229 0110 0513 8230 00


Kontaktmission Austria
Erste Bank
IBAN: AT02 2011 1837 3217 2900

Kontaktmission Switzerland
St. Galler Kantonalbank
IBAN: CH40 0078 1135 5014 1621 8

Current projects.

These projects are currently the focus of particular attention, although all of our projects are valuable and deserve your support.

It´s getting cold.
Donate an oven now!

Winter is coming and it’s getting cold! Many families in Ukraine are without electricity, water, gas, heaters and food.

We want to help and give warmth. We have ovens built at two locations in the Ukraine and bring them to the needy in the liberated regions. For €90 there is a simpler version that is suitable for heating and drying, and for €163 there is a more robust version that also allows cooking.

Please select “Emergency Aid Ukraine + 10 008” when donating to a project.

#just help.
Direct emergency help on site
We help the earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey.

We help the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. In Turkey, we have contacts with communities in the earthquake area and in northern Syria, aid is initially being concentrated on the victims in and around Aleppo via our partner organization AFTA.


If you want to help, you can select the donation form for projects above, select “Emergency aid Turkey, Syria (10009)” and donate.


Here your help arrives safely and is used directly!

We want to stay tuned.

Times are uncertain. A lot wants to scare us and the future seems bleak. But God has a good plan and it doesn’t change. We may be a part of this plan – that’s for sure!
That’s why our coworkers will stay tuned. It’s easier together! We bit you, stay tuned as a donor too. Your loyalty and investment in his kingdom is very important and valuable right now.

When donating to a missionary, please select your missionary in the intended use or “General + 10000” , then we will give it to an Coworker who urgently needs it.

"Our friends work as Kontaktmission missionaries. We want to support this work financially. We want the kingdom of God to continue to be built. To stop supporting - I've never had that thought."
Peter Reimer
"Sustainable support means standing faithfully behind the missionaries with prayer and gifts! For us, Kontaktmission is an ongoing miracle from the Lord."
Hermann and Mechthild Frick

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We handle donations carefully and professionally. Donations are generally used directly for the project or the person named in the purpose of the donation. Excess donations from persons can, in exceptional cases, be asssigned either to the project for which the person works or to other persons who work on this project.

We strive to adhere to the donation principles of the Evangelical Alliance. These principles include, among other things, that our annual financial statements and the balance sheet are drawn up by an independent  auditor. That is why we have also received the donation test certificate from the German Evangelical Alliance.

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