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We have almost 420 missionaries in over 60 countries around the world, such as South Africa, Zambia, Liberia, Thailand, Mongolia and many more. Below you will also find some service possibilities. And beyond this possibilities, if you are a pioneer, and if you are adventurous, and very flexible, then join us!

Mission countries.

I encourage you: dare something with God and rediscover yourself in mission! Experience your adventure.
Juliane Lux, Short-term Coordinator and Supervisor
A short-term assignment is a valuable wealth of experience! I look forward to accompanying you before, during and after your assignment.
Debora de Haan, Short-term Coordinator and Supervisor


First, we invite you to get to know us. And we want to get to know you personally, too. This is the only way you’ll wind up in the right place. We’d love to have you visit us here in Wüstenrot. But we can also begin to get to know you in a telephone call. Then together we’ll look for the right short-term opportunity for you, or find out what’s important for your dream experience.

We would like to optimally prepare you for your assignment abroad. The crash course is an important building block and a prerequisite for a short-term assignment. People from different countries take part.


We will deal with the following topics, among others: Life in a foreign culture! What challenges might I face? How can I prepare well? How can the time abroad become an ingenious treasure trove of experience! In addition to input from the preparation team, there will be plenty of time for personal exchange!


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From the crash course I gained very practical knowledge about how to deal with cultural differences. I also found the experiences of previous short-term volunteers inspiring and consciously take an openness to talking about faith with me into my assignment in Mauritius and Tanzania.
Participant Finn Becker


We will gladly help you plan a “sending worship service” in your home church. This can be with a sermon or a short presentation of KM’s work. We’d love to be a part of it!


  • A personal relationship with Jesus and a new birth in Him.
  • A heart for the lost and the readiness to tell people about Jesus.
  • Openness for another culture and a readiness to adapt yourself to local conditions.
  • Good team abilities and a certain level of flexibility.
  • Age: at least 18 years on date of departure.
  • Participation in MissionCrashCourse Weekend for optimal preparation.
  • The support of your church.

Through a short-term service, you have the opportunity to share the transformative power of the gospel with the world without becoming a lifelong missionary abroad. With us you can participate in God’s mission anywhere in the world for a few weeks, months or up to a year.


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If you have any questions or need help, you are welcome to call us on +49(0)7945 30796 00. We're happy to help!
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    “Through the crash course and discussions with the staff, we are particularly encouraged to get involved in the children’s home in Peru as a married couple. "
    Steffen und Lea Zeile, Short-term participants 2022
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