Live called

as a Missionary.

What moves you?

Your gifts and abilities, your personality and/or God’s specific instructions make up your calling. By having a personal conversation with you, we can help you best  discover and understand how God may be leading you to serve.

We will look at your calling with you, examining together how to best live out your calling on the mission field. We’ll show you how we prepare you for your ministry, and how we can accompany and support you in it.

How do you
live out your calling?

Qualification Course.

Before sending you out, we prepare you through practical courses, all of which help you to get ready to serve in mission ministry. In your first year of ministry you participate in courses that help you to establish your life in a new cross-cultural environment and to thrive in your new ministry.

The Qualification Course contains four main elements:

  1. How do I build and maintain a circle of supporters?
  2. We prepare new hires for the ups and downs they are likely to go through. We train them in the important aspects of intercultural service.
  3. The new team members get to know Kontaktmission and network with the other new team members, make new friends, exchange ideas, encourage each other, and experience what it means to be part of an international movement.
  4. We train the team members in many very practical ways. We explain what it´s like to work with our sending organisation, and how our  communication works.

In addition to the Qualification Course, there are country-specific training courses that are also available for team members, depending on the topic. In this way we can regularly learn from and with each other.


We are convinced that you need a sending church as a support base, a church to stand behind your missionary ministry, supporting you in prayer and with finances.

We will help you by helping your church to establish a plan for ministering to you as a missionary, including sending you out properly.


“It's very calming to have brothers and sisters back home who are willing to invest time and money in us. This connects us with them, and especially helps us to stand firm and not give up in those times when we must live only by faith and not by sight. We could never recommend going into mission ministry without support of a home church.”
Juergen Thuswohl, Hungary
“It has helped me understand more about Kontaktmission and its principles of service. I realized how flexible Kontaktmission is and that they are willing to deal with current challenges.”
Joseph Lokudu, Kenya

We help you with every concern you’re facing. We coach you in strategic and methodological decisions. And we watch with you for ways to bring you along in your service.

In addition, there is a seminar every month on various topics to enable you to develop further during your ministy. The seminars cover personal-spiritual, administrative and missiological areas as well as leadership topics amongst other.

We won't leave you
alone on the mission field!

Team Retreat

Following the annual Mission Conference in Wuestenrot a multi-day retreat for all team members takes place. Share with other missionaries for three days, be trained, take a deep breath and recharge your batteries – an important milestone in the mission year!

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In 2024 the rooms were occupied again.
Together we enjoy the time in praise.
Constantly questioning and orienting yourself is important.
Intensive conversations and standing up for each other are good.

Apply for your position.

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If you have any questions or need help, you are welcome to call us on +49(0)7945 30796 00. We're happy to help!
Do you want to live called?
It is our calling to help you with this. Just get in touch with us and we'll see if we can support you on your way.

    "We have a vision that moves, challenges, and guides us. We think big because God has big plans on this earth."
    Dirk and Annette Staudinger, Germany
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