Olive oil

nativ and organic.

The high-quality organic olive oil comes from Greece. The olives were hand-picked last winter and carefully “cold-pressed” into olive oil by certified organic farmers and in accordance with legal guidelines using mechanical methods. These organic farmers are all sustainable family businesses that have joined together as familyfarms (www.ffarms.gr).


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We provide the olive oil in three variants:

5 l – Bag-In-Box packaging for 100 €
3 l – Bag-In-Box packaging for 60 €
CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE! Parcel with 6 x 0.5 l bottles for 80 €


Shipping for up to two bag-in-box packs or a Parcel with six bottles costs €6.70. For larger orders, we strive for the cheapest shipping price. Payment is made on account. We will send this to you with the delivery. If you have any questions, please send an email to info@kontaktmission.org.

The olive oil is delivered in an environmentally friendly and tasteless bag-in-box packaging. The oil is protected from light and air and can be stored for about two years. A practical outlet tap ensures clean filling into smaller containers. Valuable vitamins and antioxidants are retained longer if the oil is stored cool and the bottling vessels are tinted or stored in a dark environment.



Due to high unemployment and rising cost of living, many people in Greece are increasingly in financial distress. Basic foodstuffs have become a precious commodity for the “ordinary citizen.” Often there is no money to pay for medical bills, medicines or energy costs.

With the proceeds of the olive oil project and donations, social-deaconal services of the community in Thessaloniki in Greece are made possible. In the following areas:
Food Bank
Provision of basic foodstuffs
on rental costs, electricity costs, heating costs, training costs
Medical Supplies
medical expenses, medication
Community Center
Homework help, language courses, creative employment

Dear friends,

Dear friends,

We are very grateful to God for the “Olive Oil Project” because it gives us the opportunity to support many social-missionary projects in our mission work in Thessaloniki, Greece. We are a church that was founded in 2005  by Kontaktmission workers in Thessaloniki. It was a great encouragement to us that the church was able to fund the running costs from the start. But God very soon gave us the desire to help people in need. This was made even more urgent by the economic crisis in Greece. Therefore, more financial resources were needed, which we as a church could not raise. Nevertheless, we started social-missionary projects in faith. God has blessed this work and we have been able to help many people. The finances for these projects come 70% from donations and 30% from the income from the “Olive Oil Project”. Namely: Kontaktmission buys high-quality organic olive oil from Greece and sells it in Germany at a very lucrative price for the buyer. The profit that arises from this is then transferred to the church in Thessaloniki to promote social – missionary projects. The following could be cited as examples of such projects: food distribution, payment of electricity bills, purchase of heating oil, distribution of Bibles and calendars, co-financing of children and youth camps, support of missionary activities. At this point we would like to thank every donor and buyer, but also Kontaktmission and the volunteers who make the project possible.


On behalf of Thessaloniki Mission Team

Timotheos Antoniadis

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